101% releases collection of clothing printed with Seagram Building motif

Mexico City-based fashion brand 101% has released a collection of clothing including pants, a cargo vest and a jumpsuit all printed with a motif of the facade of the Seagram Building by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Called the Seagram Collection, it encompasses unisex track pants, a hoodie, a jumpsuit, a t-shirt and a vest made from recycled polyester materials. The collection features a print of the German-American architect’s iconic 1955 New York building.

Person sitting on stoolPerson sitting on stool
Fashion brand 101% has released a collection of clothing printed with a motif of the Seagram Building

“The Seagram building has been a reference of a new architectural style since its creation,” said the 101% team.

“A Miesian building is recognisable for its principle of a ‘less is more approach’, where the functionality of a building’s structural elements is visible externally – a direction which relates closely to the design principles of 101%.”

Person with blue shoesPerson with blue shoes
The collection includes track-pants, a hoodie, vest, t-shirt and jumpsuit

Each piece in the collection is made from 77 per cent recycled polyester, 17 per cent nylon and 6 per cent elastane, which is created from waste according to the team, including plastic bottles and ‘textile-to-textile’ materials.

Excluding a t-shirt, which is printed with a graphic collage of the building, each piece is covered in a motif of the Seagram’s Building facade, appearing as a print of slim yellow and black horizontal bands.

The collection features straight silhouettes and a looser fit, designed to be unisex.

The hoodie is has a high neckline and extra-long, loose sleeves elasticated at the wrist, while the collection’s trousers are straight-legged with “racer side-cuts”.

Person standing under circular openingPerson standing under circular opening
According to the team, each piece is made of 77 per cent recycled polyester

The jumpsuit and vest also contain a high neck and both have been interspersed with pockets of varying sizes, including a wide cargo pocket placed on the leg and “invisible” pockets on the front of the vest.

According to the brand, the materials used are UV protective, waterproof, quick dry and anti-bacterial and were used to accommodate the “urban lifestyle”.

Person sitting on circular stoolPerson sitting on circular stool
The clothes are designed to be unisex and to be worn in urban environments

“Your clothes need to give you the same comfort and functionality as the roof over your head,” said the team.

Previously, 101% has covered clothing in a variety of floor plans and motifs of well-known buildings, such as the Centre Pompidou by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers and the 56 Leonard by Herzog & de Meuron.

Mexico City-based 101% was founded in 2021 by designer Jessica Maxey and architect Fernando Romero of architecture studio FR-EE. The brand specialises in activewear designed for the urban environment.

Other architecture-informed fashion includes a pair of sneakers by Kith and New Balance that incorporate colours from American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s colour palettes.

Architects themselves have gotten involved with fashion design, such as Louis Vuitton handbags designed by Frank Gehry, informed by Gehry’s buildings, and earlier this year MAD Architects founder Ma Yansong designed sneakers and handbags for a Fendi menswear collection.

The photography is by Jessica Maxey

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