5M Long-Term Holders Emerge Amidst Market Challenges

IntoTheBlock, a prominent data analytics firm focusing on cryptocurrency trends,highlighted a significantsurge in the number of long-term holders of Litecoin (LTC). In a tweet, the firm revealed that the count of LTC addresses holding onto the cryptocurrency for a year or more has witnessed a remarkable increase.

The figure has nearly doubled from last year’s count of 2.55 million addresses to an impressive 5 million addresses at present. This surge in long-term holders is being interpreted as a clear demonstration of investors’ unwavering confidence in Litecoin, even amid the challenging conditions of the market.

Notably, well-known analyst Ali alsoshared insightsbased on on-chain data. Ali pointed out that Litecoin has established a sturdy support range between $63.22 and $65.19. Within this range, a total of 215,000 addresses collectively acquired 3.81 million LTC tokens. The stability of this support level is deemed crucial for Litecoin’s potential rebound in value, specifically targeting the $75 mark.

However, analysts caution that any breach of this support wall could potentially trigger a downward spiral for LTC, with the price sliding down to the $50 threshold. Amidst the ongoing evolution of the crypto market, observers are monitoring these indicators to predict the potential path of Litecoin over the upcoming weeks.

Litecoin Price: Bearish Sentiment & Moderate Volatility

Today, the price of Litecoin stands at $64.96; over the past day, the price of LTC has observed a slight uptick of 0.66%. However, when examining the performance over seven days, the coin has experienced a decline of 1.87%.

Based on data collected as of August 28th, prevailing market sentiment towards LTC’s price prediction is skewed towards the bearish side. Among the technical analysis indicators considered, 5 have displayed bullish signals, while a larger subset of 26 indicators have pointed to bearish signals.

Despite this, as perCoincodex‘s LTC price prediction it anticipates a forthcoming increase in the value of Litecoin. The forecast indicates a potential rise of 5.60%, setting the coin’s price target at $69.30 by September 2nd.

The Fear & Greed Index, a gauge of market sentiment, presently registers a value of 39, reflecting a sentiment of fear among market participants. Notably, Litecoin’s recent performance has yielded 13 green days out of a total of 30, equating to a 43% proportion. Additionally, the cryptocurrency has exhibited a level of price volatility pegged at 13.10% over the last 30 days.

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