Arper releases chair that aims to limit environmental impact "by doing what trees do"

Promotion: Italian furniture brand Arper has created Catifa Carta, a chair that the company claims can sequester carbon dioxide.

It is made out of PaperShell, a new composite material made from paper combined with a natural resin binder, which the makers claim is entirely circular.

The chair was originally released in 2001 under the name Catifa 53. It is characterised by a simple structure comprised of an all-in-one shell that acts as both a seat and a backrest, placed on top of a variety of base styles.

Catifa Carta chairs by ArperCatifa Carta chairs by Arper
The Catifa Carta chair’s seat is made from a paper composite. Photo is by Alberto Sinigaglia. Top image is by Salva Lopez

Arper rereleased the chair during Milan design week 2024, calling the new version Catifa Carta as it is made from paper.

The brand aimed to create a new iteration of the recognisable chair with a shell component made from an environmentally-conscious material, instead of conventional plastic.

It is the first practical application of the PaperShell material in a piece of furniture.

Catifa Carta chairs by ArperCatifa Carta chairs by Arper
Twenty-nine sheets’ worth of paper were used for each shell. Photo is by Salva Lopez

“Catifa Carta features a re-engineered shell made of PaperShell, a revolutionary new material made of composite wood by-product, which provides the strength and comfort essential to Catifa’s now iconic, bi-curved silhouette,” said Arper.

“A first-of-its-kind innovation, PaperShell dramatically reduces Catifa Carta’s impact on the environment by doing what trees do: sequestering carbon dioxide.”

Catifa Carta chairs by ArperCatifa Carta chairs by Arper
The chairs come in four base formats, all made from durable metal. Photo is by Alberto Sinigaglia

The chair, which was made from 29 sheets’ worth of paper, comes in a coffee colourway.

There are multiple options for the metal base, including sled-style legs, four individual legs and a trestle base with or without wheels. All bases are available in black and the sled version is available in a rust finish.

Catifa Carta chairs by ArperCatifa Carta chairs by Arper
The chair’s components can be taken apart and repaired or replaced. Photo is by Salva Lopez

Removable seat cushions and covers are also available, which add colour and texture that allow the chairs to blend into a myriad of interior design styles.

The chairs can be fully disassembled, allowing them to be repaired and maintained to lengthen their lifespan.

Catifa Carta chairs by ArperCatifa Carta chairs by Arper
Arper says it is committed to “pioneering materials and conscientious practices”. Photo is by Salva Lopez

“By embracing pioneering materials and conscientious practices, we aspire to inspire change and set the standard for responsible business in the industry,” said Arper CEO Roberto Monti.

“This launch underscores our enduring commitment to leading by example, proving that responsible business practices can indeed be synonymous with cutting-edge creativity”.

Arper unveiled Catifa Carta at Salone del Mobile during Milan design week 2024, which took place from 16 to 21 April.

For more information on Arper Catifa Carta, visit its website here.

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