Audi SQ8 E-tron 2024 long-term test

Efficiency is definitely an issue in the SQ8 E-tron, but let’s start with the good stuff. Find the right rapid charger and the battery can certainly charge quickly. If you’ve just stopped for a tickle of power and leave most of your charging for home or office outlets, where it’s cheaper, you’ll have acquired what you need almost before your regulation coffee is consumed.

The trouble is, on long trips, you will need to charge quite often. So far this winter, I’ve never seen more than 240 miles on the (accurate) ange predictor, and mostly its 220. That’s just not enough for comfort in a luxurious open-road cruiser.

The consumption readout struggles to reach 2mpkWh – my best in 1000 miles so far (yes, more than usual for an opening long-term report) is a gently driven 2.2mpkWh. Rivals do a lot better. You can put it down to exuberant use of a driver’s car if you want, but that’s not the real reason.

The virtue of high-mileage testing is that you get a chance to experience a car in all modes, and I’m hoping advancing temperatures will take the SQ8 E-tron closer to its official range. It will be with me until the spring, so I’ll let you know.

Second Opinion

A few hundred miles at the helm was enough to confirm that this is a car that has been usefully improved in most of the right areas. But come on: an average of 2.1mpkWh is simply not good enough in 2024. My VW ID Buzz is managing 2.7! I’d trade the Goliath drive battery for cleverer efficiency gains in a heartbeat. 

Felix Page

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Audi SQ8 E-tron Sportback Black Edition specification

Specs: Price New £101,380 Price as tested £103,475 Options Ultra Blue metallic paint £795, extended leather £750, acoustic side windows £550 

Test Data: Engine Three electric motors plus 106kWh battery, all-wheel drive Power 509bhp Torque 717lb ft Kerb weight 2,650kg Top speed  0-62mph 4.5sec Claimed Range 276 miles Claimed Efficiency 2.2mpkWh CO2 0g/km Faults None Expenses None

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