BMW Neue Klasse concept sets tone for brand's EV reinvention

BMW has labelled it “clear, elegant, timeless”, highlighting features that will become hallmarks of the Neue Klasse line-up, including a broader, horizontal interpretation of the firm’s kidney grilles, expansive side windows, slimline LED light designs and a “monolithic” silhouette, which is, according to Dukec, “much cleaner in its surfacing and details” than those of recent BMW cars.

Not only does this promote a fresh, futuristic treatment, it also means Neue Klasse cars can be made with simpler tooling and fewer components.

The front end is described as a “single interaction area”, with the headlights programmed to display an animation when users approach the car.

“Light has helped us strengthen our identity in recent years,” explained Dukec, adding that BMW wants “to replace chrome with light”.

Meanwhile, the ‘grille’ panels are designed to host the many cameras and sensors needed for high-level driver assistance functions, although hidden behind the seemingly opaque bodywork for a cleaner look.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept front

The ‘grille’ could also, it has been suggested, display notifications about the car’s charging status or even direction indicators.

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