Broward Children’s Center Seeks Volunteers to Enhance the Lives of Infants, Children and Young Adults

Broward Children’s Center offers volunteer opportunities to individuals and organizations who wish to contribute to their community. Whether someone is a student, parent, retiree, snowbird, school, or corporation, the center has various opportunities that cater to different interests, skills, and schedules. The center extends its gratitude to those who have helped the nearly 1,200 children and families they serve each year. They encourage everyone to explore and find suitable volunteer opportunities. Volunteers have been known to impact the lives of the infants, children, and young adults at Broward Children’s Center. Anyone can play a vital role in helping the center fulfill its mission of delivering the highest quality of care and life to those it serves.

There are several ways to get involved with the BCC organization. You can become a member of one of their committees, host a fundraiser, organize a clothing, food, toy, or diaper drive, volunteer at events, participate in Corporate Days of Caring, offer to work directly with those served by BCC or volunteer to help with administrative tasks. Additionally, the organization provides a Professional Pro Bono Program for those interested in contributing their professional skills. By participating in any of these activities, you can make a meaningful impact and help support BCC’s mission.

Broward Children’s Center’s programs are designed to provide a continuum of services that meet the children’s and their families’ diverse needs. It is dedicated to providing top-notch medical, developmental, and therapeutic services. It strives to promote and maintain the maximum potential of individuals and families by recognizing their strengths and needs. Additionally, the center executes comprehensive programs, including a successful home and community transition, and facilitates parent-professional collaboration and education. The growth and development of its staff is also an essential aspect of the center’s mission.

For more information on becoming a volunteer for the Broward Children’s Center, call 954.943.7638 or email [email protected].

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