Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit launches on Netflix on June 25

Netflix and Spry Fox announced today that the developer’s first game is launching on Netflix soon.

Spry Fox’s new title is Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, in which the player is a Spirit Scout on a haunted island who must assist its ghostly bear inhabitants. The game is a sequel to its previous title, Cozy Grove, and launches on the App Store and Google Play via Netflix on June 25. Players can pre-register to play the title now.

Camp Spirit features several new activities and stories from its predecessor, and new companions with stories for the player to uncover. It joins Netflix’s growing library of games, which include the Grand Theft Auto trilogy — which proved to be very popular for the platform — as well as Hades, Paper Trail and Katana Zero.

Netflix acquired Spry Fox in 2022, and it was the streaming company’s sixth game studio. At the time, both Netflix and Spry Fox’s founders said that the two companies intended to work together to create cozy titles for subscribers, which would expand the company’s genre offerings. Netflix revealed that Spry Fox was working on Camp Spirit late last year in its year-end report.

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