Crème Atelier designs Soft Serve light informed by meringue and ice cream

Dezeen Showroom: Stockholm design studio Crème Atelier has created the Soft Serve lamp, which is 3D-printed to resemble “swirly ice cream” and comes in sorbet colours.

The light, which has been shortlisted in the lighting design category of Dezeen Awards 2023, draws on pastries and other desserts.

Soft Serve lamp in blue
The Soft Serve lamp is 3D-printed from bioplastic

“We find that baked goods and desserts have very captivating shapes and forms,” Crème Atelier co-founder Jacqueline Kessidis told Dezeen.

“We were very intrigued by the creamy organic shapes of meringue and soft serve ice cream,” she added. “Soft serve lamp is inspired by the swirly ice creams and we like to compare the 3D printer with an ice cream machine.”

Pink Soft Serve light
It comes in colours that reference sorbet ice cream

The Soft Serve lamp was made from a bioplastic made from recycled food packaging, which is then 3D-printed to create the swirling shapes.

The lamps are made to order and this production method is both quicker and more sustainable than mass-production, according to Kessidis.

“Our starting point was to find a sustainable material and thats how we found our way to 3D printing as a production method,” she said.

“The biggest advantage is definitely the fact that you can go from an idea to holding the physical object in your hand just hours later.”

Lamp in window in Stockholm
The lamps are made in Stockholm using a 3D printer

The method also enables the brand to produce the lights itself in its Stockholm studio.

“3D printing enables us to have our own local production and be very agile,” Kessidis added.

“But most importantly, it’s very beneficial from a sustainability viewpoint – avoiding the negative environmental impact that comes with mass production such as material spill and excess overseas shipping.”

Ceiling light from Crème Atelier
They also come in a ceiling light version

The Soft Serve lamp, which can be had in both a ceiling and a table lamp version, comes in a variety of colours informed by ice cream, including pastel pinks and blues and a vibrant yellow.

“Our first collection was focused on soothing color shades inspired by ice cream flavors such as Vanilla Bean, Wild Strawberry and Matcha,” Kessidis said.

White Soft Serve lamp
The lights have been shortlisted for a Dezeen Award

“Later on we added some more vibrant hues inspired by sorbet,” she added. “Each lamp also comes with a warm white light source which gives it this very calming light.”

Other innovative lamps on Dezeen include a modern lava lamp designed by Sabine Marcelis and Camille Walala and a lamp made from air-raid shells from the Ukraine war.

The photography is by Alexandra Svärdh and Bosse Lind.

Product: Soft Serve
Brand: Crème Atelier

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