Discord users can get Skill Issue in The Finals game by completing a quest

Discord is launching a new Quest on its platform to enable players to earn a feature dubbed Skill Issue as an exclusive item for The Finals game.

The newest season of The Finals is underway. Discord doing something special with the developers at Embark Studios in celebration of the new mode, map, ability, weapons and gadgets that have been added to the multiplayer co-op game.

For the next two weeks, Discord owners can get their hands on the Discord-exclusive “Skill Issue” set for The Finals by completing a Quest. Desktop players can head into their Gift inventory (User Settings > Gift Inventory) to get started, and thanks to the game’s cross-progression feature, the players can use newly-earned Skill Issue set anywhere they play The Finals after redeeming their code.

The Skill Issue Quest virtual rewards include a Beanie with Headphones, Skill Issue Sneakers, Skill Issue Blackout Tattoo, Skill Issue Slacks, Skill Issue Tank and Attention Grabbers Sticker.

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How to earn Skill Issue

Redeeming Skill Issue Quest rewards.

Discord users can earn Skill Issue set by streaming The Finals to a friend on Discord. They can accept the Quest on Discord in the Gift Inventory, fire up The Finals (it’s free to play), and kick off a stream of their gameplay in any server they’re in to at least one friend for 15 minutes.

After only 15 minutes of streaming, they complete the Quest, and the “Skill Issue” set reward code will be waiting for the Discord user in their Gift Inventory. They can use their new set as they dive into the game’s new map, try out the new gadgets, and play a few rounds of The Finals.

To summarize, if players stream the game to friends on Discord while playing it, they can get rewarded with a cool thing in The Finals. The Skill Issue set is exclusively available in Discord until April 16.

While the Quest awaits for two weeks, the redemption code remains valid until May 29, 2024 at 9 p.m. Pacific time.

Once the player unlocks the exclusive reward, they must share it with Discord, taking a screenshot or clip, and mention Discord on X, TikTok, or Instagram. Other developers are free to contact Discord to set up their own Discord Quests.

Redemption Instructions

Quests In product 1
Discord Quest rewards.

Once you have completed the Quest by streaming 15 minutes of THE FINALS using Go Live on Discord, you will receive a Gift Code in your Discord Gift Inventory.
To redeem your gift code, log into Embark ID by visiting https://id.embark.games/
Once there, navigate to Redeem Gift Code and enter your code in the field provided.
Then, press Redeem to receive your gift the next time you start the game.

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