Exclusive Collection stone by Antolini

Dezeen Showroom: Italian stone brand Antolini has added two new materials to its Exclusive Collection – its selection of the “finest stones” available from its quarries around the world.

The Exclusive Collection features what Antolini describes as “Mother Nature’s most desired and recognisable masterpieces” and the brand has made two natural quartz additions: Cristallo Vitrum and Patagonia Vitrum.

The Exclusive Collection now includes the natural quartz Patagonia Vitrum
The Exclusive Collection features Cristallo Vitrum and Patagonia Vitrum

Cristallo Vitrum is said to resemble a sheet of glacial ice, with dark amber veins and areas of transparency that offer glimpses of the room beyond when the stone is used as a panel material.

Antolini also suggests it for use on tabletops and washstands, and says it has the potential to create inspiring homes, offices and retail spaces.

Exclusive Collection stone by Antolini
The Cristallo Vitrum evokes the look of glacial ice

The second new stone added to the Exclusive Collection is Patagonia Vitrum, a twist on Antolini’s Patagonia Original with large pale-coloured patches, which are informed by moss- or lichen-covered rock high in the mountains.

With these new additions, Antolini continues to surprise and delight customers with increasingly unique and desirable materials, pushing the boundaries of beauty and functionality in the realm of interior design,” said Antolini.

Product: Exclusive Collection
Brand: Antolini
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