GamesBeat Summit 2024: Warren Spector will reflect on 40 years in the industry

We’re excited to welcome Warren Spector to our GamesBeat Summit 2024 event at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles later this month. (You can register for a 25% off ticket with the code: gbs24dean25).

The creative director of OtherSide Entertainment will speak at a fireside chat on May 21 with former GamesBeat editor-in-chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu.

The talk is entitled, Lessons Learned after 40 Years in the Industry: Why Developers Should Embrace “Maximum Possible Game” over “Minimum Viable Product.”

With over 40 years in game development, Warren Spector, chief creative officer of Otherside Entertainment, will participate in a fireside chat moderated by Shoe. Why does Spector hate the concept of “MVP” (minimum viable product)? He will discuss how developers should shift their thinking, including what challenges to pose to players (or their own teams), what goals to set, and what they should strive for at the finish line.

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Dan “Shoe” Hsu is the former EIC of GamesBeat.

The legendary game designer has left his mark across gaming with immersive sim games, which give players a wide array of choices. At Looking Glass Studios, he was involved in the creation of titles like Ultima Underworld, Ultima Underworld II, System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project and Deus Ex (while at Ion Storm). At his own studio, Junction Point Studios, Spector created Epic Mickey for Disney Interactive.

While the 68-year-old has thought about retirement, he told GamesBeat in an interview last year that there’s still several games he wants to make.

“I have definitely thought about it, but as long as there’s something new to learn and you’re working with a great team, there’s joy,” said Spector. “There’s brainstorming with my team. No one has any reason to believe this, but the team I’m working with now has the potential to be one of the great teams I’ve worked with. And I’ve worked with some great teams. So they challenge me all the time.”

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