Glenroy Inc. Invests in 10-Color Miraflex II Printing Press

Glenroy Inc., a converter and printer of sustainable flexible packaging, has acquired a Windmoller & Holscher 10-color Miraflex II printing press, a significant step towards enhancing print quality and customer satisfaction.

“At Glenroy, we are continually searching for ways to elevate our performance and exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Keith Trzebiatowski, Printing Process Manager. “The investment in the W&H 10-color Miraflex II printing press exemplifies our dedication to delivering top-notch sustainable flexible packaging solutions. We are confident that this technology will open up exciting possibilities for our company and our valued customers.”


This printing press boasts several features that will revolutionize the printing process within the flexible packaging industry. Among its numerous advantages are:


  • Superior Print Quality: The Miraflex II ensures that every package boasts vibrant, consistent, and eye-catching prints that capture consumers’ attention on the shelves.

  • Enhanced Productivity: Glenroy can now deliver products faster, thanks to the high throughput and efficiency of the Miraflex II printing press.

  • Quick Job Changeovers: The fully-integrated modules and user-friendly systems allow for swift and seamless job transitions, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  • Waste-Minimization: Integrated modules enable Glenroy to optimize material usage, significantly reducing waste during setup and job changes, contributing to a more sustainable packaging process.

  • Cutting-Edge Automation: The Miraflex II comes equipped with the VISION system, which includes defect detection capabilities for flawless and consistent print production.

The 10-color Miraflex II Printing Press represents a milestone for Glenroy, propelling its capabilities to new heights of efficiency, versatility and sustainability.

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