Hispanic Heritage Month coloring pages for kids

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 to October 15 and one way to celebrate with your child is through art. Hispanic Heritage Month coloring pages can open the conversation and encourage your child to ask questions and listen for answers regarding all there is to know about this holiday.

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And since it comes right when the weather is taking a turn, coloring pages for kids are one of the best indoor activities. These free printable Hispanic Heritage Month coloring pages can keep your child entertained on their own or it can be a family affair. You can even use the finished product as home decor when they’re all finished!

10 Hispanic Heritage Month coloring pages

1. Cesar Chavez

cesarchavez 1 orig

Talk to your child about the great activist as they color him in.

2. Ellen Ochoa

Look at the first Hispanic woman in space!

3. Hispanic Heritage Month coloring pages banner

free latinx hispanic heritage coloring page cultural activities for kids 2 1

This banner is just asking to be part of your home decor.

4. Roberto Clemente

Your budding baseball player will love coloring in this one.

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5. Frida Kahlo

frida 2 orig

Make it bright and colorful for this famous painter.

6. Pele

Your little sports fan will get a kick out this one.

7. La Reina De Salsa

This Celia Cruz coloring page would go well with a salsa dance break, don’t you think?

8. Jaime Escalante

Teach your kiddo about Jaime Escalante, the famous educator who has an asteroid named after him!

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9. Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor Coloring Pages 1536x2048 1

This Sonia Sotomayor coloring page is a great conversation starter about women who break the glass ceiling.

10. The queen of Tejana music

Play some music, by Selena of course, and get ready to bop and color along.

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