iGuzzini unveils latest lighting designs at Frankfurt's Light + Building fair

Promotion: Italian lighting brand iGuzzini showcased its latest products at this year’s Light + Building fair in an exhibit that aimed to highlight the company’s “light that moves” philosophy.

Produced in collaboration with architecture studio GEZA – who curated the exhibit design – and Artec Studio – who oversaw the lighting scenography – the stand formed part of the annual event in Frankfurt, which ran from 3 to 8 March.

Set across three illuminated stages, the multi-sensory showcase encompassed a range of the brand’s lighting products in various contexts, ranging from workspaces and living areas to hospitality and cultural spaces, as well as outdoor urban settings.

iGuzzini's stall at the Light + Building fair features a wave of light installationsiGuzzini's stall at the Light + Building fair features a wave of light installations
iGuzzini’s exhibit stand featured an illuminated canopy

“The culture of light and its roots, design, imagination, research and continuous innovation are the ingredients that allow visitors to Frankfurt to experience something different, both inside and outside the iGuzzini stand, which has been completely reinvented for the event,” said iGuzzini CEO Cristiano Venturini.

The exhibit opened with an undulating canopy comprising 154 of the company’s Light Shed Linen units. The lighting units, which were made from flax, were arranged in a configuration designed to resemble an eye.

“The eye that welcomes visitors not only represents iGuzzini’s perspective on light but also reflects the individual, subjective viewpoints that each visitor holds regarding the objects and spaces surrounding them,” the lighting brand explained.

iGuzzini's stall at the Light + Building fair features a showcase of their spotlights and pendant lightsiGuzzini's stall at the Light + Building fair features a showcase of their spotlights and pendant lights
Two new lighting collections were launched at the exhibit

Beyond the entrance, a series of pavilions illuminated in a shifting spectrum of colours held separate architectural stages that showcased the brand’s products.

In addition to its more established designs, the lighting brand presented two new collections at the exhibit: an electrified track lighting system called Filorail and the Sipario spotlight.

iGuzzini's Filorail track lighting systemiGuzzini's Filorail track lighting system
The Filorail electrified track features a profile of 3.6 millimetres

The Filorail electrified track is characterised by its slender profile of just 3.6 millimetres. According to iGuzzini, it’s the smallest track ever introduced to the lighting market.

The low-voltage system can be paired with a wide range of lighting products from across iGuzzini’s catalogue, including pendant lights and spotlights.

The track can be placed in straight or curved forms along horizontal and vertical surfaces. Its recessed design allows it to blend into the architecture of a space, but it can also be used to create pendant and surface track configurations.

Meanwhile, the Sipario spotlight is designed for living spaces as well as public settings including museums and retail spaces.

The spotlight takes design cues from space exploration technologies and high-precision optical instruments.

iGuzzini's Sipario spotlightiGuzzini's Sipario spotlight
The Sipario spotlight is designed for cultural and residential applications

The company says that the newly created products mark a step forward in its work exploring connectivity and smart lighting technologies.

“They contribute to significantly reducing energy consumption and [help] to easily access, manage and analyse usage data, promoting smart building management practices and creating a system that is easy to reconfigure and adapt over time,” the brand expanded.

iGuzzini’s advancements in smart technology were further showcased in a separate space in the exhibit, divided into three key product sections: wired and wireless smart lighting technologies with indoor and outdoor programmes; smart services with space management and push notification functionality; and Connectivity Beyond Light, where the brand’s lighting products were integrated with additional features including sound-absorbing elements, sensors, video cameras and loudspeakers.

Founded in Italy in 1959, iGuzzini is a lighting brand that aims to create innovative lighting solutions for both public and private settings.

To learn more about iGuzzini and its latest products visit its website.

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