Internet shows support for Sophie Turner amid rumors surrounding her split from Joe Jonas

Not long after news broke that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were headed for divorce, rumors began swirling about why the couple was breaking up. Reports surfaced that Joe Jonas had retained a divorce lawyer and he officially filed for divorce at the end of the holiday weekend, citing that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

It didn’t take long before the Jonas PR camp began planting “sources” to give statements to various media outlets. While that’s not out of the norm for any major Hollywood breakup, what really stood out to pretty much everyone on the internet was the fact that these “sources” were quick to mom-shame Sophie. The couple has two daughters, ages three and 13 months.

Sources told TMZ the reason Joe Jonas filed for divorce was because “she likes to party” and he’s more of a homebody.

Jonas and Turner became engaged in 2017, and in 2019 they got married in Las Vegas before having a second wedding ceremony in France. In 2020, they welcomed their first child together, daughter Willa, and their second daughter was born in July of last year.

When the couple first met, Turner was just 20 years old—Jonas was 27.

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News of their split surprised fans, as the couple (who is typically very private) was shown being lovey-dovey as recently as last month. Turner has also been very present during the Jonas Brothers new tour, which just kicked off this summer.

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So these rumors making digs at Turner have been especially off-putting, particularly the part where it’s implied Turner isn’t a good mom because she “parties.” It also goes against many interviews Turner has given through the years, where she cites being a “homebody” and an “introvert” who loves to stay at home.

Because of all of these factors, it seems like the bulk of the internet is rallying around Turner and clapping back at the negativity being slung by the Jonas camp.

What we can gather from the reports about the divorce is that each of them is a working parent right now—with Jonas on tour and Turner working on a project filming in the UK. Add in the fact that Turner hasn’t been working much (if at all) since the birth of her first child two years ago, and it’s easy to conclude that the mud-slinging just doesn’t make sense. Which is why the internet is seeing right through it.

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Context matters! Most people reading that statement probably don’t know that Sophie’s been working off and on overseas, and traveling back and forth with two tiny children by herself isn’t exactly ideal. So what this really seems like is a case of a dad caring for his own children and nothing more.

Where were all the headlines touting Sophie Turner as a devoted mother for sacrificing her career so her husband could focus on his? Funny how now we’re hearing about what a great dad he is for caring for his children, when if the roles were reversed (and who even knows what’s really true at this point), there wouldn’t be so much as a whisper surrounding Turner’s motherhood sacrifices. Sigh.

For now, neither Joe Jonas nor Sophie Turner have offered their own commentary on the divorce.

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