Iowa cheerleader backflips into the endzone and out of his pants

Iowa football is in the midst of a dogfight with Western Michigan, up 24-10 nearing the end of the third quarter. The Hawkeyes have 65 total passing yards and have turned the ball over twice.

Otherwise, a normal Iowa football game.

However, the most exciting thing in this game happened in the endzone–just not for any of the actual teams playing. Iowa’s cheerleading team was in the midst of a routine when a cheerleader got so high up in the air he lost his pants.

Talk about a busted coverage.

To be fair to the cheerleader here, sometimes you get a bit excited and your pants just come off. The most impressive thing here is that he stuck the landing with his pants around his ankles. He had to have known that his pants were coming down, but still continued and stuck the landing. That’s a commitment to the bit if I ever saw one.

Even still, that’s not the only butt that Iowa fans have seen in Kinnick Stadium today. The Iowa offense has been all kinds of a mess today, just barely getting over the coveted 25 points needed for Brian Ferentz to be on track to retain his job.

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