Joe Biden’s bizarre Super Bowl tweet was weirdest way to celebrate Chiefs’ win

The Kansas City Chiefs found themselves in the middle of an extremely weird culture war as the team reached Super Bowl LVIII. With another United States presidential election coming up in November of 2024, the Chiefs were deemed by some as the official team of the Democrats because … Travis Kelce is in Pfizer commercials? People are strange.

This out-there conspiracy perpetuated by far right wing commentators was apparently popular enough to reach the desk of Joe Biden. The President of the United States had a social media post ready to go as soon as the Chiefs scored the game-winning touchdown to clinch the win.

The Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22, to win Super Bowl LVIII. As soon as the final buzzer went off, Biden sent out a post on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter that said “Just like we drew it up” with a photo of him with laser eyes. Here’s the post:

The laser eyes meme can signal many things, including someone knowing something before it happens. Biden, at 81 years old, probably didn’t know that, but the people who run his social media knew exactly what they were doing. Biden is of course also alluding to the fringe conspiracy theory that the NFL is rigged.

The football was amazing, but the posts are weird. That could have been reasonably assumed, but it sure is ridiculous that the President of the United States was playing into it.

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