Kanebo Celebrates Lunar New Year with Limited-Edition Dragon-Themed Packaging

On December 22, 2023, the Kanebo prestige brand from Kao Corporation will be ringing in the Lunar Year of the Dragon by releasing a facial wash with a limited-edition package design.
Social media promotions will be launched over the same weeks to boost brand presence and communications in the regions including China.

Special Packaging

Kanebo Comfort Stretchy Wash is a mainstay Kanebo brand product popular in the Chinese market.
Gwenaël Nicolas, the creative force behind the product and store design since the launch of Kanebo, has designed a special package for the forthcoming limited-edition release.
The design superimposes the Chinese character for “dragon,” the Chinese zodiac sign for 2024, with an illustrated dragon powerfully rising through the water to express good luck and good fortune for the Lunar New Year.

The Campaign

The campaign will take place during the Lunar New Year, a season when people commit themselves to taking on new challenges.
Users will be invited to take part in various social media events to bring out the resonance of the “I HOPE” message of Kanebo brand that communicates not merely beauty but hope.
The campaign will reach out to customers in the Chinese market by working with each of sales channels in the countries and regions where Kanebo brand products are sold. Back home in Japan, Kanebo will be strengthening sampling activities at hotels and in-store promotional activities to capture the interest of tourists.

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