Lip Smacker Unveils 50th Anniversary Vault Collection

Lip Smacker, a Markwins Beauty brand, has unveiled its commemorative 50th Anniversary Vault Collection. Launching exclusively on Amazon, the Vault Collection features an ensemble of 50 lip balms that pay homage to the brand’s five decades of flavors.
“Lip Smacker has always been about more than just lip balms – it’s about memories, self-expression, and a sense of nostalgia that brings smiles to people’s faces,” said Alice Chen, Lip Smacker’s Senior Vice President of Marketing. “From 1973 to now, our brand has left an indelible mark on individuals of all ages. We’re incredibly proud of the legacy we’ve built and the impact we’ve had and are excited to continue delighting lips and hearts for many more years to come.”

A Range of 50 Flavors

The 50th Anniversary Vault Collection features a kaleidoscope of flavors the brand has introduced over the years as well as a range of licensed brand products that have become integral to Lip Smacker’s legacy. With flavors inspired by Disney, Hello Kitty, and Coca-Cola, the collection pays homage to the partnerships that have defined Lip Smacker’s journey and resonated across generations.
Enriched with a powerful conditioning formula, each lip balm has multiple moisturizers and special emollients to keep lips soft, shiny and moist, while helping to prevent and guard against dry, chapped, and cracked lips. The assortment resides within a large tube shaped like the balm that started it all – the original Strawberry Lip Smacker tube – which can be worn as a purse, tote or backpack.
The Lip Smacker 50th Anniversary Vault Collection is now available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.

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