Mantle table lamp by Tala

Dezeen Showroom: with a distinctive shape and speckled finish that recalls both enamelware and stone, the Mantle lamp by Tala is designed to bring character to dining tables.

The British lighting brand created Mantle to mimic the look of candlelight in dining environments, with a funnel-shaped bulb connected to a tapered base to cast light evenly onto the tabletop.

Photo of the Mantle table lamp by Tala
The Mantle table lamp is meant to mimic the feel of candlelight

The lamp’s base is made from powder-coated stainless steel and has a hand-applied speckle effect available in three colours — Granite black, Stone white and Cobalt blue.

The steel is pressed flat to form a handle on one end, making the lamp easier to move from place to place while also creating a subtle crevice that hides the USB-C charging port and dimmer button.

Photo of the Mantle table lamp by Tala
The lamp is dimmable and portable

Mantle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its battery power source and portable size. All components – including the bulb, battery and internal circuitry – are easily replaceable if required.

Tala says the slender lamp is perfect for “making every table a stage” and facilitating easy conversation.

Product: Mantle
Brand: Tala
Contact: [email protected]

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