Marc Rosen Moderates Pratt’s 7th Annual Design Symposium

On March 15, The Marc Rosen Education Fund at Pratt Institute sponsored its seventh annual Symposium ‘Designing for the Subliminal.’ It was moderated by Marc Rosen, Cosmetics Packaging Designer and Pratt Trustee Emeritus, and held at the Asia Society on Park Avenue in Manhattan.
Symposium panelists were:

  • Ernest de la Torre, lnterior Designer and Founder, de la Torre Design Studio

  • Matthew Tirschwell, Lighting Designer and Founder, Tirschwell & Co., Inc.

  • Vanessa Noel, Shoe Designer, Hotelier, Philanthropist, Founder, Vanessa Noel Shoes

The expert panel of designers discussed the pivotal role that subliminal design plays in shaping contemporary aesthetics.
“By harnessing the power of the subliminal, these creative visionaries have mastered the art of appealing to the human psyche, engaging all the senses in ways both conscious and unconscious, thereby heightening the overall sensory experience,” said Rosen.
From fashion to lighting, industrial, and beyond, the symposium underscored how
these designers “navigate the subtle nuances of preconceptions, history, prejudice, and illusion,” in addition to mastering the fundamentals of proportion, color, form, and scale.”
The evening began with Pratt President Frances Bronet welcoming the audience before thanking Juliana Curran Terian and Marc Rosen for their continued support. Terian then introduced internationally acclaimed entrepreneur and designer Marc Rosen, an alumnus who is a Pratt Trustee Emeritus and faculty member in the School of Design. Rosen is the creator of the Design Symposium.
Rosen is also a member of Beauty Packaging’s Board of Advisors.

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