Maserati Grecale Folgore

Adaptive air suspension comes as standard and has been specially tweaked to make up for the weight of the battery.

Predictably, that means it’s a whole lot stiffer than the relatively soft petrol versions. That’s a good thing when it comes to handling, because it allows you to take better advantage of the impressive chassis.

Turn in to a corner and there’s barely any body lean – something that’s complemented by the same fast and light steering of the petrol Grecale, giving you loads of feedback and the confidence to push on. The thing is, when you do, it isn’t that hard to find the car’s limits, and it will start to scrub wide far sooner than you would expect. It certainly feels less playful than the petrol Grecale.

In more mundane driving, the firm ride gives the car slightly better body control over undulations but hasn’t prevented it causing head toss over imperfections, which is caused by slight underdamping.

I found having the powertrain in GT mode and the suspension in Sport was the best combination, stiffening the damping and keeping occupants more stationary. So configured, it’s more comfortable than a Tesla Model Y, and I suspect avoiding the optional 21in alloys of my test car (a 20in set is standard) will improve things further.

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