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Max Verstappen finally has his Hungarian Grand Prix trophy


Verstappen and fellow driver Lando Norris shared the good news on social media

A long Formula 1 nightmare has come to an end.

Max Verstappen has his first-place trophy from the Hungarian Grand Prix.

As you know by now, Verstappen’s trophy was caught in the crossfire of Lando Norris’ podium celebration following the Hungarian Grand Prix. When the McLaren driver slammed his bottle of champagne on Verstappen’s podium — as Norris is known to do — the handmade trophy tumbled down, shattering in the process:

The company that crafted the trophy for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Herend Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt., told noted F1 journalist Sándor Mészáros earlier this month that Verstappen should have his trophy by the end of September:

But it seems they worked overtime, as Verstappen shared on social media Tuesday that he had his trophy, and Norris had an invoice:

Unfortunately for Red Bull and Verstappen, this is not the only trophy to meet such a fate this season. After Verstappen won the Belgian Grand Prix, the trophy for that race was caught up in the team’s post-race celebration:

With the grid heading to Monza for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix — and Verstappen chasing an historic tenth-straight win — is there a chance another trophy gets caught in the crossfire?

Perhaps, but looking at these trophies, it looks like they can handle some punishment:

We will wait to see if Verstappen gets to host another first-place trophy later this weekend, and if so, whether it survives the celebration.

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