‘Never Have I Ever’ Launches Artist-Licensed Press-On Nails

‘Never Have I Ever,’ a nail brand dedicated to promoting “individuality and art” has launched with artist-licensed press-on nails from the vibrant streets of NYC.
The brand aims to marry the intricacies of artistry with fashion, “birthing a wearable and affordable masterpiece for every nail aficionado.”
The brand takes pride in its collaboration with artists like Jocelyn Tsaih, Omotola, Keiko Yamazaki and HeySu Lee, ensuring that each press-on nail becomes a token of wearable art.
“Beauty is an evolving canvas, and our nails are the latest frontier,” explains Susana Chen, the co-founder. “At ‘Never Have I Ever’, we don’t just wear art – we become a part of it. We envision a world where each nail serves not just as adornment but as an expression of individuality.”

Collaborating with Artists

Deeply rooted in the ethos of community building, ‘Never Have I Ever’ stands as more than a beauty brand. With a keen focus on artist monetization, efficient manufacturing, and nurturing an art-loving community, the brand sets the stage for artists to shine and prosper.
“Collaborating with Never Have I Ever allowed me to imagine my work on a new type of canvas. Although the canvases might be small, I think it makes a big impact that everyone gets to wear these designs as a form of expression and support for artists,” said Jocelyn Tsaih, one of the brand’s collaborating artists.
‘Never Have I Ever’ officially launches on Nov 2, 2023.

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