NFL schedule 2024: Tracking latest rumors for next season’s games

In the sports world, the NFL remains king.

Among the reasons for football’s ability to captivate audiences? The league has found ways to stay in the conversation even in the offseason. Free agency and the NFL Draft are two examples, but perhaps the biggest example of the league’s ability to draw attention during the off months comes this week, when the league releases its schedule in primetime Wednesday.

Again, due to the NFL’s schedule format we know what the games are next year, but over the next few days, culminating on Wednesday night, we will learn who is playing who, when.

And it will dominate sports media for days, even with the NHL and NBA playoffs underway, MLB heading into the summer, the WNBA beginning a highly-anticipated season, Formula 1 in the midst of what could be a very interesting campaign, and the Olympics looming around the corner. Despite all that … a list of schedules will be the focus for the rest of this week and into next.

And you better believe we will have all of it covered here on SB Nation, from breakdowns, rumors, schedule release videos, and more.

Ahead of the main event, we will be tracking games as they are released, as well as keeping tabs on all the latest scheduling rumors. The rumors will be up top, and the games will be added on a week-by-week basis below the latest rumors. So check back early and often!

Latest rumors: Monday, May 13

  • NBC has added another late-season game to their schedule, likely signaling a double- or triple-header for late December:
  • The above also sets up a head-to-head between the NFL and the College Football Playoff:
  • One Pittsburgh-area reporter believes the Steelers will open the season on the road, in a battle of new quarterbacks with the Atlanta Falcons hosting Pittsburgh:


Week 1

  • Ravens at Chiefs on Thursday night (season opener, announced)
  • Packers at Eagles in Brazil on Friday night (International Game, announced)
  • Cowboys at Browns in the late Sunday afternoon window (announced)

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

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