Nvidia and Alphabet’s Intrinsic aim to revolutionize next-gen robotics

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Nvidia and Alphabet’s Intrinsic have teamed up to show off advancements in robotic grasping and industrial scalability.

The companies said that the landscape of robotics will further change with the integration of new AI and platform technologies. At the Automate trade show in Chicago this week, Intrinsic is unveiling advances in robotic grasping and industrial scalability, powered by Nvidia’s Isaac Manipulator and AI capabilities.

Isaac Manipulator, introduced by Nvidia at GTC 2024 in March, represents a milestone in industrial automation. It comprises foundation models and GPU-accelerated libraries designed to facilitate scalable and repeatable workflows for dynamic manipulation tasks. These foundation models, based on transformer deep learning architecture, enable robots to perceive and make decisions autonomously, akin to human-like understanding.

The collaboration between Nvidia and Intrinsic demonstrates the potential for a universally applicable robotic-grasping skill to work seamlessly across various grippers, environments, and objects. Wendy Tan White, CEO of Intrinsic, highlighted the transformative impact of foundation models in simplifying processing challenges, reducing development costs, and enhancing flexibility for end-users.

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“For the broader industry, our work with Nvidia shows how foundation models can have a
profound impact, including making today’s processing challenges easier to manage at scale,
creating previously infeasible applications, reducing development costs, and increasing flexibility
for end users,” Tan White said in a statement.

(Tan White will deliver a keynote address at Automate about what the rise of AI means for innovation and growth, on Friday, May 9, at 9 a.m. CT.)

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Nvidia and Alphabet are working on next-generation robots.

The development of better robot grip is a central focus of this partnership. Grasping, a coveted skill in robotics, has historically been challenging to program and scale efficiently. However, with the integration of Nvidia Isaac Sim on the Omniverse platform, Intrinsic has leveraged simulation to generate synthetic data for vacuum grasping, paving the way for significant advancements in industrial automation.

The prototype uses Intrinsic Flowstate, a developer environment for AI-based robotics solutions, for visualizing processes, associated perception and motion planning. With a workflow that includes Isaac Manipulator, one can generate grasp poses and CUDA-accelerated robot motions, which can first be evaluated in simulation with Isaac Sim — a cost-saving step — before deployment in the real world with the Intrinsic platform.

Nvidia and Intrinsic aim to bring state-of-the-art dexterity and modular AI capabilities to robotic arms, offering a comprehensive collection of foundation models and GPU-accelerated libraries to accelerate new robotics and automation tasks.

On Tuesday, May 7, Nvidia senior research scientist Adithya Murali and Intrinsic chief science officer Torsten Kroeger will demonstrate the companies’ collaborative efforts in the session “Automating Smart Pick-and-Place With Intrinsic Flowstate and NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator” at Automate.

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