Nvidia streamlines GeForce Now install process on Steam Deck

Nvidia announced today that it was rolling out new updates to GeForce Now, including a beta installation script for the platform on Valve’s Steam Deck. According to the company, this new script streamlines the process of installing and configuring GeForce Now on a Steam Deck, meaning players don’t have to do as much fiddling to get it to work.

The GeForce Now blog says the process configures the Deck’s browser to best work with the streaming platform: “The installation script automatically installs Google Chrome to the device, then adds all the settings needed to help members log into GeForce Now and stream their favorite games.” This also pairs with last week’s GeForce Now update that allows users to navigate on a browser with a gamepad.

GeForce Now is one of the options for Deck users who want to play non-Steam games on the handheld. It currently supports games on GOG, Battle.net, Epic Games Store and PC Game Pass, meaning users can stream GeForce Now-supported games on Steam Deck even if they’re not on Steam itself.

In addition to the Steam Deck update, Nvidia also announced GeForce Now’s May titles. The service supports several upcoming games at launch, including The Rogue Prince of Persia, Little Kitty Big City and Gestalt: Steam & Cinder.

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