Official pics: Mercedes-AMG tests bespoke EV super-saloon

The electric AMG has been designed from the ground up as a performance car and is expected to place as much emphasis on dynamic performance and engagement as it does straight-line speed.

Mercedes AMG Vision concept side

It will be the first car to use a bespoke performance-oriented EV architecture known as AMG.EA. Propulsion is provided by the power-dense, slimline axial flux motors developed by Mercedes-owned Oxford manufacturer Yasa.

AMG has been tight-lipped on performance potential, but Yasa boss Tim Woolmer confirmed that a motor bound for one of the German company’s production cars weighs just 24kg yet produces 590lb ft and 480bhp in its own right.

If used in tandem as part of a twin-motor system, such as that previewed by AMG’s retro One-Eleven supercar concept, combined outputs of around 1000bhp and 1000lb ft are quite feasible.

Interestingly, the One-Eleven had both of its motors mounted on the rear axle. At the concept’s unveiling, bosses highlighted the packaging benefits of having both motors at the rear: the front end can be brought as close to the ground as possible for optimal aerodynamic efficiency, but the Yasa-produced motors’ compact footprint means there is still room for a sizeable rear luggage area.

This suggests that any new electric saloon using such an arrangement can, in theory, tout the same practicality credentials as its V8-engined predecessor, making it a bona fide super-tourer.

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