Our expert NFL picks for Week 1 of 2023

Football is back. We are back. Tom Brady is not back. This is the 2023 NFL season, and the first week of our expert picks.

Each week our panel from around SB Nation.com, our SB Nation team sites, and DraftKingsNetwork will pick the winners, and our punishment wrinkle from 2022 returns to make our bad picks hurt.

The winner of the week will get to write a tweet for the loser, which the loser MUST post on their personal Twitter account without context. It’s a chance to fire off the hottest, most embarrassing take and let the sports world tear them apart for our enjoyment. This turned into a glorious hot mess last year, and once again we’re hoping this causes maximal pain for each weeks’ picks loser.

This is a tone setter around the NFL. In the grand scheme of things one week means almost nothing in the span of the season, but it’s our first chance to get a feeling for these teams with real stakes. Five divisional games will be the most interesting to watch in terms of setting the tone, with Bengals vs. Browns, Panthers vs. Falcons, Raiders vs. Broncos, Bears vs. Packers and Bills vs. Jets all being absolutely fascinating for these teams’ fortunes.

So let’s go football!

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