Our expert NFL picks for Week 2 of 2023

Well, that was a bit of a mess wasn’t it? I don’t think anybody could have predicted Week 1 of the NFL in one of the wildest weeks around the league in recent memory.

It really felt like the majority of teams weren’t ready to play, so we didn’t get a great feel for them. So now we have the second week of the season being a bit of an informed reset. It’s safe to say the Chiefs will be much better, as will the Bills and Bengals — but what do we make of that weird middle tier? Are the Steelers really that bad? Is this a true dumpster fire for the Giants in the AFC East? Is the Vikings defense really so bad they can even let the Buccaneers steal a win?

This makes Week 2 critical. Opening 0-1 is whatever, teams can easily come back — but even a good team falling into an 0-2 hole causes doubt to sneak in, especially if you lost to back-to-back teams you thought were easy wins on the schedule.

So let’s dive in to what our experts think will happen in Week 2.

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