Recycled ceramic washbasin by VitrA

Dezeen Showroom: Turkish bathroom brand VitrA has released a minimalist washbasin made from a recycled composite containing ground pieces of broken ceramics.

The recycled ceramic washbasin is made up of almost 100 per cent recycled waste materials, according to VitrA.

Recycled Ceramic Washbasin by VitrA
The basin comes in a choice of five shapes

“The recycled ceramic washbasin embodies the principles of circular manufacturing, where waste becomes a valuable resource,” said VitrA.

“Choosing to reclaim materials from the manufacturing process that would otherwise have been discarded, VitrA crafts something new from waste products.”

Recycled Ceramic Washbasin by VitrA
Each piece is made up of discarded ceramic shards

The basin comes in five rounded shapes – Pebble, Square, Circle, TV and Oval – that are all rendered in a textural taupe-coloured clay, allowing them to blend into many bathroom design schemes.

Product details:

Product: Recycled Ceramic Washbasin
Brand: VitrA
Contact: [email protected]

Material: recycled ceramics
Colours/finishes: matt taupe

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