Scottie Scheffler draws Tiger Woods comparison with a mind-numbing stat

Scottie Scheffler is playing other-worldly right now. He is coming off winning his second Green Jacket in the last three years. But even prior to that, Scheffler had won two of his previous three starts at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and The Players.

He finished second in the only tournament he did not win during that stretch.

This week, Scheffler is in the field for the RBC Heritage, the fifth Signature Event of the PGA Tour season.

As the New Jersey native looks to continue his torrid run, the PGA Tour Champions is hosting the Invited Celebrity Classic.

Tony Romo is an excellent golfer and the defending champion of the event. He is likely one of the best golfers in the world who played professionally in another sport.

Invited Celebrity Classic - Round One, Tony Romo

Tony Romo at The Invited Celebrity Classic
Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Prior to teeing off, he was asked his thoughts on what Scheffler is accomplishing.

“I can’t say enough about Scottie… I don’t think I’ve ever played a round of golf with Scottie Scheffler and him not break 70, ever. Which is insane. Like now I’m actually starting to count it, where I am like, we’ve got to be around 500, and I’m like, not one day you’re off in golf where you shoot 70, 71.”

Understandably, Romo overstated a bit in terms of the amount of rounds they have played together. Yet, he has played with him very recently.

“[I] played with him the week before the Masters… I remember thinking playing with him at Brook Hollow, ‘oh, my gosh, I have not seen a guy hit a golf ball like this since Tiger back in the 2000s when I played with him,’ the way he was striking the ball, the compression, the trajectory, the spin rate. It was impressive, and I was like, he ain’t losing that tournament.”

Romo then summed up exactly what every golf fan has been thinking for nearly two years.

“If he putts well, he wins. If not, he’s in the mix.”

Indeed, when Scheffler putts well, he basically laps the field. It is not even close to a competition. His driving accuracy, ball striking, and work around the greens are all among the very best.

Leading into the aforementioned Arnold Palmer Invitational, Scheffler made a putter change. He entered that week ranking 144th in putting, yet, his worst finish was T17 at The American Express.

Since that putter change, he has gone 1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st.

So, yeah, safe to say that when he is putting well, he wins. People might not want to hear it, but Scheffler’s statistics the last couple of years align with prime Tiger Woods. The numbers do not lie.

The only question that remains is how long can Scheffler sustain this level of play?

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