"Skyscrapers are irrelevant to architecture" says commenter

In this week’s comments update, readers are discussing a black-clad, “modernist” skyscraper completed in downtown Los Angeles by architecture studio Marmol Radziner.

The Beaudry is 695-foot-tall (212 metres) and is now the tallest residential structure in California, according to the studio. Readers were split in their reactions.

Residential skyscraper Los AngelesResidential skyscraper Los Angeles
Marmol Radziner completes California’s tallest residential skyscraper

“Skyscrapers are irrelevant to architecture”

Commenter Sanda Weisz deemed it “beautiful but probably too expensive for most people”.

Souji was more measured in their assessment, suggesting “it looks ‘sleekish’ and the interiors are nice, but it doesn’t make any sense”.

It felt a bit too corporate for Apsco Radiales. “You come home from a day’s work in an office to the rest of the day in another office,” they wrote, before asking “what happened to a home?”

“Horrible, dark, depressing, dated,” was the unflattering assessment made by Chip Lynch. Reader Jack Woodburn agreed, calling it “yet another ugly, cold, stark monolith.

Meanwhile, Jb pronounced “skyscrapers are irrelevant to architecture”.

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Grand Egyptian Museum photographGrand Egyptian Museum photograph
World’s largest museum captured ahead of opening in Egypt

“Looking like a shopping mall in Vegas”

Another story attracting interest in the comments section was the world’s largest museum nearing completion in Giza, Egypt – more than two decades after the international competition for its design in 2003.

Kosh Vorlon was full of praise and hopeful to get a “chance to explore this beautiful facility”.

But Heywood Floyd wasn’t so convinced, arguing the “triangular design motif is pretty clunky and the interior finish palette looks too busy and rich – it will compete with the artefacts”.

Whateverandeveramen also thought that “the triangles on the facade are a bit on the nose,” referencing the nearby pyramids.

“This is a much-needed museum,”countered Marius. “We may quibble about the form, but we should focus on the content.”

Pa varreon went further calling it a “ridiculous imitation of Egyptian architecture” and Souji was disappointed the project had “ended up looking like a shopping mall in Vegas”.

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Neom photos of the Line foundations Neom photos of the Line foundations
Video reveals construction progressing on The Line in Neom

“Archaeologists will puzzle over this in 3,000 years”

Readers were left despairing after a video was released by Neom showing extensive foundation work taking place at The Line site in Saudi Arabia.

Commenter James reflected “I don’t know how less than two minutes of video could make me tired of being alive… but here were.”

“Archaeologists will puzzle over this in 3,000 years, or possibly 300 years,” suggested Bondi1000, to which Dik Coates rejoined “with climate change, your timeline may be generous”.

Other readers were dubious about how much construction was actually taking place. In a comment that was upvoted eight times, Alfred Hitchcock said “so they’ve moved even more sand around – no signs of construction as yet though”.

Dixie Normous was similarly sceptical, suggesting that “absolutely no meaningful progress has been made”.

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