Soniah floor lamps by Faina

Dezeen Showroom: produced by Faina, the decor brand of Ukrainian architect Victoria Yakusha, the Soniah floor lamp is a dramatic piece that appears to grow from the ground.

Yakusha referenced Ukraine’s national flower – the sunflower – in both the name and the form of the Soniah floor lamp.

Soniah floor lamps by FainaSoniah floor lamps by Faina
The Soniah floor lamps are inspired by Ukrainian cultural heritage and sunflowers

Available in big, medium and small sizes, the lamps are sculpted from Faina’s own natural composite material called Ztista, which is made from a mix of clay, straw, wood chips, cellulose and other organic substances.

The material is hand-formed to make the Soniah lamps, and the textural marks resulting from this handcrafting are visible across the lamp’s surfaces.

Soniah floor lamps by FainaSoniah floor lamps by Faina
They are made of Faina’s signature clay-based material

Faina as a brand focuses on advancing Ukrainian cultural heritage and respecting nature, and the Soniah lamp references the country’s primitive art style.

“Sculptural Soniah lamps stem from the ground,” said Faina. “Their pure shapes eliminate the excess and shine light on the pristine.”

Product details:

Product: Soniah
Designer: Victoria Yakusha
Brand: Faina
Contact: [email protected]

Material: Faina’s Ztista (clay, hay, other materials)
Colours/finishes: Hatka, Soniah, Ptaha, Mochar, Kora, Zillia
Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 2000 millimetres (largest size)

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