Students taking part in New Designers present ten design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a portable stool made from welded mesh and steel that is designed to encourage social interactions is included in this school show by New Designers.

Also included is a fashion collection that is 3D printed and a chair crafted from solid ash created as a tribute to the Arts and Crafts movement.

School: New Designers


“New Designers has been showcasing the work of emerging design talent for nearly 40 years.

“Founded in 1985, the event has become the UK’s leading exhibition for up-and-coming designers, providing a platform for thousands of graduates to showcase their work and connect with industry professionals.

“Over the years, New Designers has helped to launch the careers of many successful designers, and has established itself as a must-attend London showcase for anyone interested in the future of design.

“Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or simply passionate about design, New Designers is the perfect place to discover new talent, spot emerging trends, and be inspired by the creativity and innovation of the next generation of designers.”

A photograph displaying a product on a table that aids people with ADHD, it features beige coloured wood and different colours of blue, yellow, pink and green.

Tot·m by Quentin Bachelot

“An estimated 2.5 to 3 million adults in the UK suffer from ADHD, a neurodivergence which can strongly impact their ability to maintain focus or manage their time, emotions and stress.

“Tot·m is a customisable fidgeting-based tool for young adults with ADHD, intended to help them combat overwhelm and plan their time more effectively.

“The user can build a Tot·m representing their tasks for the day, using a range of materials, textures, forms and colours, which allows users full control in how they associate tasks with them.

“Carrying Tot·m throughout the day and fidgeting with it will serve as a soft reminder system, with the calming benefits associated with fidgeting.”

Student: Quentin Bachelot
School: University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art
Course: BA (Hons) Product Design

A photograph of a ceramic vase against a grey backdrop, featuring colours of blue, red, lilac and grey.

Untitled by Victoria Ackers

“Victoria Ackers captures the messaging and guidance of her unconscious mind through her work.

“She creates large urns that depict emotionally impactful dreams that mark key moments of her life.”

Student: Victoria Ackers
School: Cardiff Metropolitan University
Course: BA (Hons) Ceramics

A photograph of a dark brown chair on a wooden floorboard, with blurred people passing by it.

Karl and Rita by Alex Radivan

“The Karl and Rita loveseat is a tribute to timeless design and craftsmanship, created for longevity with a focus on narrative storytelling.

“Its angled seating design encourages intimate conversations, inviting individuals to share family histories.

“The inclusion of a hidden compartment doubles as a memory box for cherished mementoes.

“Drawing inspiration from Arts and Crafts influences, the design features a woven back and seats.

“The chair is crafted from solid ash with an ebonised finish, with touchpoints such as the arms and backrests to develop character over time, revealing the chair’s history through the patina of the finish.”

Student: Alex Radivan
School: Nottingham Trent University
Course: BA (Hons) Product Design

A photograph of a person wearing a purple and pink piece of clothing, against of a pink background.

Textural Terrains by Ella Goldsmith

“The automotive industry remains very male-focused with a gap in the market for women – inspired by the contrasting visual aesthetics of Ferrari and Land Rover Defender, this collection aims to challenge this concept targeting all designs and visuals towards high-end womenswear.

“A feminine approach has been utilised through a vibrant colour palette, consisting of smooth contours and sleek fast-moving marks derived from both iconic vehicles.

“This collection explores the extreme contrast in track and terrain associated with each brand, for example the remote Scottish Highlands for Defender and the urban roads of Italy for Ferrari.

“The project investigates natural landscape, formation and all the textures involved: the Defender side challenges ways to show texture, through processes like collage and stitch to incorporate earthy, rustic and neutral tones that mimic the cold and harsh conditions, while the Ferrari collection is purely digital, combining vibrant blues and reds, relating to a warmer and more fast-paced environment.

“These designs communicate through a sense of beauty and escapism, empowering women with confidence – a combination of digital to hand-crafted collages has enabled one to discover the true personality and nature of Land Rover Defender and Ferrari.”

Student: Ella Goldsmith
School: University of Leeds
Course: BA (Hons) Textile Design

A photograph of printed images on plastic squares, laid on a white background.

Untitled by Tazmin Baldwin

“Tazmin Baldwin explores light, colour and psychology through glass.

“Tamzin considers glass to be a dynamic medium that allows for endless artistic expression.

“Tazmin’s work captivates viewers with its vibrant interplay of light and intricate designs based around memory and personal narrative.”

Student: Tazmin Baldwin
School: Swansea College of Art, UWTSD
Course: BA (Hons) and MDes Design Craft

A photograph of a necklace against a white background, featuring silver and blue jewels.

Rhino 7 by Eve Avis

“Eve created her hero piece on Rhino 7.

“She skilfully mounted each casting and then completed the task of setting each individual stone by hand to create this stunning suite you see here.”

Student: Eve Avis
School: Birmingham City University
Course: HND Jewellery & Silversmithing

A visualisation of an interior space featuring tables and chairs with people in the sapce.

Untitled by Abi Newton

“The aim of this project is to create a reform centre for non-violent juvenile offenders.

“There are currently high re-offending rates and overcrowding in prisons, this reform centre will help reduce and prevent the amount of crime and create a safer community.

“The design concept was inspired by Claude Monet and his works, with the space itself encouraging growth and development – with art practice and agricultural training helping to reform behaviour and provide skills for employment.

“The focus of this project is to create an environment tailored to the users’ needs; as one does not fit all, a modular, multi-functional design provides options for how the different areas can be used.

“As aspects of the training will be physical, due to a kinaesthetic learning approach, different modular arrangements will help to ensure the space is being utilised efficiently.”

Student: Abi Newton
School: Bath Spa University
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design

A visualisation of a space displaying a television, a chair and various objects surrounding them on a wooden floor, with block red at the edge of the image.

Another Day by Chenglin Wu

“I enjoy navigating the intersections of graphic design, animation and illustration; my fascination with comics has ignited a passion for visual storytelling, leading me to pursue illustration as a means of self-expression.

“My creative philosophy revolves around experimentation and playfulness – whatever materials or mediums I use, I find fulfilment in the process of creation itself.

“Inspired by gaming culture, I embarked on a challenging project that tested my skills and resilience.

“The resulting animated piece serves as a homage to diverse cultures and a repository of cherished memories – I aim to evoke smiles, joy and nostalgia, inviting viewers to engage with my work on a personal level.”

Student: Chenglin Wu
School: University of Westminster
Course: BA (Hons) Illustration & Visual Communication

A photograph of a person standing to the side wearing a grey, beige and red piece of clothing.

Untitled by Olivia Bodak

“Olivia explores 3D printing as a means of replacing conventional materials – observing that many traditional contour products are difficult to recycle due to their use of blended fibre fabrics as well as the presence of fasteners, wires and elastics.

“By producing garments made from a single, recyclable material, Olivia worked to develop a circular alternative for the contour sector, conducting in-depth research into types of machinery and filament and exploring 3D printed sustainable clothing and 3D printing on materials.

“Her work investigates the potential to change the supply chain system, designing materials and components through research and experimentation, considering practical requirements such as fit, support, ease and comfort as well as exploring new and exciting aesthetic directions.

“Olivia’s research and experimentation led her to develop diverse components such as soft, stretch lace and alternative support systems, creating statement pieces that represent an intersection of technology and fashion and that prove 3D printed wearables can look beautiful and delicate.”

Student: Olivia Bodak
School: De Montfort University
Course: MA Contour Fashion Innovation

A photograph of silver metal stools with blue and red legs, three are stacked on top one another and one stands alone next to them.

Every stool by Polly Jennings

“Every is a street stool designed to promote community and social interactions in the UK.

“The stackable, low-cost stool is easy to move and can be placed in parks, markets or communal spaces.

“The stools are made from welded mesh and steel rods with a protective zinc coating.”

Student: Polly Jennings
School: Kingston University
Course: BA (Hons) Product & Furniture Design

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