Stumble Guys launches ranked mode with prizes in update

Stumble Guys, the popular multiplayer party knockout game from Scopely, launched an update with the addition of ranked mode and abilities features.

This update is set to unlock the competitive spirit of the Stumble Guys community, as it offers more ways to showcase masterful feats and enhanced progression options. Stumble Guys has grown to more than 50 million monthly players.

Ranked mode: Rise to the top

With Ranked Mode, Stumble Guys is introducing a new competitive feature: Seasonal Challenges. These challenges offer prizes, leaderboards, and a new ranking system to showcase individual player skills.

Each season will have its own theme, starting with Blockdash. Players progress through ranks from Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Master all the way to Champion, highlighting their true skill.

Lil Snack & GamesBeat

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Abilities: Unlock and Upgrade Emotes

With the new Abilities feature, players can unlock special emotes through gameplay. With this new progression, players can decide which emotes to unlock and upgrade, adding more fun and excitement to the game and making them more accessible.

Traffic Jam Under the Sea: SpongeBob Dash!

SpongeBob is absorbent, yellow, porous – and back in the Stumbleverse. In the latest Stumble Guys adventure,  players will dive into a brand-new map – SpongeBob Dash! 

In the next iteration of this beloved collaboration, the “Stumble Guys” community will board the eerie and enigmatic Flying Dutchman’s ghost ship, combining the beloved mechanics of Block Dash with exciting new twists inspired by the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise.

Players will encounter waves spawning explosive surprises that detonate upon collision, fragile wooden planks, a tricky water current, and an array of quirky and perilous obstacles. Fans can also unlock a host of new SpongeBob-themed stumblers, including King Patrick, Fancy SpongeBob, and Kah-Rah-Tay Sandy. 

Stumble Guys is free to play and enjoyed by a community of 50 million players every month. The game recently debuted on consoles, beginning with exciting launches on Xbox and PlayStation. Fans can pre-register now on to join the party on Nintendo Switch when the game releases on the platform later this year.

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