Ten Italian-designed furnishings and products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: from a modular furnishing system to tableware made from quartz, we’ve rounded up ten furniture and homeware pieces by Italian brands on Dezeen Showroom.

Italy’s long history of furniture making and status as a significant player in the design world is reflected in the products below.

This selection features designers and companies hailing from various locations across the country.

Pendant lights that mimic buoys, a task chair with an intentionally bent metal frame and a washbasin made from clay are among their recent releases.

Below is our selection of pieces from Italy that have been listed on Dezeen Showroom.

Typo office chair by AMDL Circle for Mara

Typo office chair by AMDL Circle for Mara

Furniture design brand Mara – founded in the city of Brescia, Italy, in 1960 – has released a task chair designed in collaboration with Italian design studio AMDL Circle.

The Typo office chair is defined by a forcible crimped metal frame that joins its seat and base to its backrest, creating an unusually bent profile.

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Selenite Maximum tile collection by Fiandre

Selenite Maximum tile collection by Fiandre

Italian surface design brand Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has been producing and distributing ceramic surfaces for over 50 years, and has recently released a tile that has a crystalline pattern reminiscent of a mineral called Selenite.

Surfaces in the Selenite Maximum collection come in three neutral colourways – white, greige and black – and can be used for a wide range of applications, from floors and walls to furnishings.

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Cristallo Vitrum tableware by Alessandro La Spada for Antolini

Cristallo Vitrum ‘Wow’ tableware by Alessandro La Spada for Antolini

Founded in 1956 in the Veneto region of Italy, natural stone brand Antolini has released a collection of tableware made from translucent quartz, chosen because its aesthetic recalls the appearance of ice.

Cristallo Vitrum ‘Wow’ tableware includes a wide variety of pieces, from a candleholder to a caviar dish, which are all accompanied by metal components to both compliment their appearance and enhance their functionality.

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Slow tiles by Marazzi

Slow tiles by Marazzi

Surface brand Marazzi was established in 1935 in the Italian town of Sassuolo and has recently released a range of tiles that mimic the look and feel of terracotta, a building material with a long history.

Slow tiles come in six shades ranging from brown to beige, and in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns to suit many interior design schemes.

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Pols table by Gordon Guillaumier for Alf DaFrè

Pols table by Gordon Guillaumier for Alf DaFrè

A distinctive tabletop made from translucent smoked glass and a solid oak frame combine to form furniture company Alf DaFrè’s Pols table, designed in collaboration with designer Gordon Guillaumier.

The brand first started making furniture in the 1950s in a workshop in Italy’s Treviso region.

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Poetica furniture system by Scavolini

Poetica furniture system by Scavolini

Italian furniture company Scavolini has been manufacturing furnishings since 1961, when it was founded in Pesaro, a town on the country’s Adriatic coast.

The Poetica furniture system represents one of the brand’s modular furnishing systems, made unique by its wooden materiality and retro design motifs.

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Stonetech tile collection by Casalgrande Padana

Stonetech tile collection by Casalgrande Padana

Italian brand Casalgrande Padana turned to the geology of the Alps to inform this collection of tiles, which features a speckled finish reminiscent of marble, quartz and feldspar rocks.

The Stonetech tile collection comes in five neutral colourways ranging from cool greys to warmer greiges and can be used for a range of interior applications.

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Cenote basin by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Cenote basin by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Italian brand Agape – which is based in the northern Italian town of Mantova – worked with designer Patricia Urquiola to create a pair of earthy washbasins that reference the ancient Mayans.

Cenote basins come in two variations – one made from lava stone and one from fireclay – that share a rough exterior contrasted by a smooth, glazed interior.

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Oblò pendant light by Paola Navone for Lodes

Oblò pendant light by Paola Navone for Lodes

A pendant light that appears to bob and float like a nautical buoy is the result of a collaboration between Venice-based brand Lodes and Italian architect Paola Navone.

Oblò pendant lights come in three rounded shapes and a selection of neutral and coloured finishes for the shades, which are attached to the ceiling via a knotted length of silicone.

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Folding conference table by Ibebi

Tam Tam folding table by Ibebi

A centrally-hinged tabletop defines this workplace table designed by Italian furniture design brand Ibebi.

The Tam Tam folding table comes in various shapes and colours, and its hinge mechanism and castor wheels allow it to be moved around offices as required and stored away to free up space when needed.

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