Ten products for cutting edge kitchens and streamlined bathrooms

Dezeen Showroom: a bathroom suite made out of wood chips and a kitchen informed by the Shaker movement are among 10 recent kitchen and bathroom products listed on Dezeen Showroom.

With the spring cleaning season well underway, we’ve selected a broad range of cooking appliances, sanitaryware, finishes and furnishings that help to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of kitchens and bathrooms.

Included in the selection below is a tap-based plumbing system that helps to make efficient use of wastewater and an extra-wide oven that allows users to cook large-scale dishes or multiple items at once.

Dezeen Showroom spotlights products, homeware and furniture designed and created by a spectrum of globally-recognised designers, companies and brands.

Orbital Tap by Orbital SystemsOrbital Tap by Orbital Systems

Orbital Tap by Orbital Systems

Swedish company Orbital Systems has pioneered a plumbing system that catches waste water from basins and reuses it when the toilet is flushed, stopping clean water from being wasted for flushing.

The Orbital Tap prevents clean water from being wasted for flushing. It manifests as a slimline sink-mounted faucet and control dial that is available in a selection of neutral colourways and finishes.

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Shaker kitchen by ReformShaker kitchen by Reform

Shaker kitchen by Reform

Danish brand Reform has created a pared-back kitchen design that references the key tenets of the Shaker movement – functionality, lack of excess ornament and a focus on quality craftsmanship.

The Shaker kitchen has wooden cupboard fronts available in various natural and coloured finishes and is broken up by dainty handles and embossed edge details.

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Alma Slate shower tray by AcquabellaAlma Slate shower tray by Acquabella

Alma Slate shower tray by Acquabella

A slate-like textured finish defines Spanish bathroom brand Acquabella’s newly-released shower tray, which has a continuous surface that hides a slimline drain opening.

The Alma Slate shower tray comes in a wide array of colourways, all of which enhance its dappled, tactile finish.

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Mira furniture system by ScavoliniMira furniture system by Scavolini

Mira furniture system by Scavolini

Italian brand Scavolini has unveiled a modular system designed for installation in kitchens that is characterised by continuous surfaces that come in a spectrum of materials and finishes.

The Mira furniture system contains under-counter and full-height cabinets as well as shelving and storage, designed to create a cohesive, efficient and minimalistic interior.

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Woodio Blossom bathroom collection by WoodioWoodio Blossom bathroom collection by Woodio

Woodio Blossom bathroom collection by Woodio

Finnish company Woodio’s bathroom suites now come in Blossom, a rosy pink shade that shares the rest of the collection’s wood-based composite materiality.

The Woodio Blossom bathroom collection is joined by Mud and Linen, two new neutral colourways.

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CombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand oven by V-ZugCombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand oven by V-Zug

CombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand oven by V-Zug

Swiss brand V-Zug’s newly released oven has an extra-wide design that facilitates the cooking of restaurant-grade meals in the comfort of a residential kitchen.

The CombiSteamer V6000 45L Grand oven has a handleless design that creates a smooth, unfussy frontage that contains several advanced settings that use the latest culinary technologies.

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Aquahalo shower by Michael Neumayr for DornbrachtAquahalo shower by Michael Neumayr for Dornbracht

Aquahalo shower by Michael Neumayr for Dornbracht

German brand Dornbracht has released a unique shower created in collaboration with designer Michael Neumayr that references the appearance of crystal chandeliers.

The Aquahalo shower creates this decorative effect by propelling water up and out of a ceiling-mounted ring-shaped fixture, which comes in a selection of metallic finished to blend into a range of bathroom schemes.

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Spoon XL bathtub from AgapeSpoon XL bathtub from Agape

Spoon XL bathtub by Benedini Associati for Agape

Designer Benedini Associati and Italian bathroom company Agape have launched a version of its Spoon XL bathtub made from solid travertine.

Patches of mottling and striations on the inside and outside of the tub honour its materiality, and a spacious, smooth design is intended to provide a comfortable bathing experience.

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Silver Root tiles by MarazziSilver Root tiles by Marazzi

Silver Root tiles by Marazzi

Italian manufacturer Marazzi employed 3D printing technology to create a collection of stone-effect tiles made from porcelain that reference the classic aesthetic of Turkish marble.

Silver Root tiles have a neutral appearance broken up by brown, grey and cream bands and can be used on walls, floors and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

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bettecurve betteliv washbasins tesseraux partner bette design dezeen 2364 col 0bettecurve betteliv washbasins tesseraux partner bette design dezeen 2364 col 0

BetteCurve and BetteLiv washbasins by Tesseraux & Partner for Bette

A duo of minimalistic washbasins are the result of a collaboration between German brand Bette and Tesseraux & Partner.

Both sinks are made from the brand’s own glazed titanium steel material – BetteCurve has an inward-leaning lip while BetteLiv has straight, slim edges.

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