The Commanders lost a game and cannot shower after

The Washington Commanders might have just endured their worst loss of the season, as they gave up three touchdown passes to Tommy DeVito as the New York Giants came into FedEx Field and knocked off the Commanders by a final score of 31-19. The loss dropped Washington to 4-7 on the season, and saw the Commanders’ record in the division fall to 0-4.

Well, at least the players could look forward to a nice shower after the game, to wash some of the disappointment away.

Yeah … about that.

According to multiple reports, the water was not working in both the home and the visiting locker rooms, meaning neither the Commanders, nor the Giants, could take a shower after the game.

A spokesperson for the Commanders said the following: “We had an equipment failure in the main water heater that provides hot water to the field level locker rooms. We can’t resolve the matter without completely shutting off the water to the stadium, which is why it couldn’t be repaired in game.”

DeVito did manage a perfect response to the new:

FedEx Field has been known for some failings in the past. The most notable might have been this moment involving Jalen Hurts a few seasons ago, when a railing gave way as the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback was walking to the locker room after a game:

Then there was a leak during the 2021 season, which led some fans to declare that “sewage” was being dumped on their heads:

Our intrepid writer James Dator took a deep dive into the situation, and came to the conclusion that it was actually a rainwater storage tank that ruptured, which aligned with the official word from the franchise.

Still, the last thing you ever want to feel the need to say when liquid is pouring on you is “it’s sewage.”

It’s enough to make you want to take a shower.

Provided you can.

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