The Giants are the first team on a brand new kind of ‘Hard Knocks’

Great news if you’re the kind of sicko who needs more Hard Knocks in your life. On Wednesday morning HBO announced that the New York Giants will be featured in a new version of the series titled Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants.

The show will chronicle the Giants’ moves from the end of the season in January, up through the conclusion of the NFL Draft — hopefully showing more of how the sausage is made away from training camp.


Debuting on July 2nd, this is distinctly different from the traditional Hard Knocks, which focuses on players at various stages of their careers. Instead of bubble players trying to make the roster and stars looking to hold onto their starting spots, this version featuring the Giants will focus on the front office moves to rebuild the franchise.

It could either be the most fascinating chapter in the franchise, or fall flat — and it’s entirely dependent on how much production crews were able to observe and film. To recap some of the Giants’ decisions this offseason which are sure to be featured heavily:

  • Deciding not to re-sign Saquon Barkley in free agency
  • Making the trade with the Panthers to bring in Brian Burns
  • The decision to draft Malik Nabers with the No. 6 overall pick
  • Mulling over whether it was time to let go of Daniel Jones and find a new franchise quarterback

What makes the Giants particularly interesting is what most people don’t know about how this team operated in recent months. Leading up to the 2024 NFL Draft nobody was involved in more pre-draft smokescreen and subterfuge than the Giants. On almost a daily basis someone here at SB Nation heard something about the team, with apparent leaks coming from all angles.

The biggest of this pre-draft was that the team really disliked Nabers from their pre-draft meeting, and had their sights set on moving back while trying to still take Rome Odunze at WR. Obviously this ended up being false, but it could be fascinating to see if the team’s intentional misinformation campaign around the draft is included as part of the season.

We’ll get to know a lot more when the show debuts on July 2 on Max.

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