The tiny car flying off a ramp is the saddest ‘Fast and Furious’ installment

A small car on a roof in Eastern Europe was launched off a ramp, and not even the power of family could save it.

I’ve watched these videos about 100 times each, and thankfully nobody was in the driver’s seat. I assume this was done with the express purpose of trying to make a viral video, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less funny.

This is the world’s saddest action movie. A small, innocent car with an engine measured in cubic centimeters didn’t get to decide whether it would be launched off a roof and directly into the neighboring building — because cars aren’t sentient and lack the ability to reason with humans.

Nonetheless we had a suite of cameras to shoot this from not one, but three different angles, which really highlights how badly this car failed the jump, and how spectacularly it plummeted to the ground.

Not going to lie, if we can have Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift then I’m absolutely here for Fast and Furious: Bulgarian Lift.

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