There is a buffalo who picked McNeese State to win the NCAA Tournament

The NCAA Tournament has arrived which means our upcoming weekends have a lot of plans for us all to sit around and watch basketball. What a wonderful time of the year.

It is highly probable that like millions of people around the world you have chosen to participate in March Madness by way of filling out a bracket. Every year every person somehow believes that their bracket could be the one, but we all get busted and make our peace with it.

There is no shame in a bracket getting busted given that it literally happens to everyone all over the world, but there could be some shame in having your bracket not do as well as one that a buffalo made.

Jack the Buffalo picked McNeese State University for the men’s tournament and the University of Colorado Lady Buffaloes for the women’s tournament (definitely no bias there) and if you think your picks can beat Jack’s you can submit you own brackets to through noon ET this Thursday, March 21, to see how they stack up. As the tournaments go on, two challengers with a winning bracket against the buffalo will win a year’s worth of free wings and tickets to next year’s men’s or women’s Final Four!

How do I know all of this, you ask? Ernie Johnson (yes!) told me when I interviewed him on my radio show at 94.1 San Antonio’s Sports Star. You can watch our conversation below.

In addition to laying out everything we needed to know about Jack the Buffalo, Ernie also told me why he is so high on Samford entering the tournament. Given that it is a radio show in San Antonio I couldn’t help but ask him about Spurs center/everything Victor Wembanyama. Ernie noted Wemby is completely as advertised and that he has every opportunity (as many have discussed) to be a future face of the NBA.

Ernie also guaranteed that Victor would win at least one title before his career is all said and done. Personally speaking though, I think that number is pretty low.

Our thanks to Ernie (and Jack!) for the time.

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