Toto Wolff shares an incredible view of Max Verstappen’s historic tenth straight F1 victory

You can see Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff in several places, such as Harvard Business School, the Netflix series Drive to Survive, and of course, in the garage calling the shots for the Formula 1 team.

But do not expect to see him in any advertisements for Wikipedia anytime soon.

Following the conclusion of the Italian Grand Prix, won by Max Verstappen for a record-setting tenth straight F1 victory, Wolff opined regarding the Red Bull driver’s feat.

In a rather dismissive fashion.

“I don’t know if he cares about the records,” said Wolff to Sky Sports F1. It is not something that would be important for me, those numbers, it is for Wikipedia and nobody reads that anyway.”

When pressed on why Mercedes never threatened such a record, Wolff brushed the comparison aside.

“Our situation was a little bit different because we had two guys fighting against each other within the team,” said the Mercedes boss.

As for his own team’s results at Monza — George Russell finished in fifth place and Lewis Hamilton finished right behind him in sixth — Wolff declared that the team probably made the most of their weekend. “Lots of incidents but you need to be careful not to be too happy about a fifth and a sixth. I think we maximised what was in there today,” he said. “I think both penalties you can justify so we are going to look at that and how we can prevent it in the future.”

Both drivers received five-second penalties during the Italian Grand Prix, Hamilton for causing a collision with Oscar Piastri, and Russell for leaving the track to overtake Esteban Ocon.

With Monza in the rear-view mirror, Wolff actually sees better days ahead for the team. “I think this is like Spa and Baku, I think we are actually getting better on the low-downforce tracks. Spa was worse,” he said. “So, Singapore comes towards our direction and there we have got to maximise it.”

Just do not expect to see him promoting Wikipedia anytime soon.

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