Trayce Jackson-Davis posterized Victor Wembanyama for best dunk on Spurs big yet

Victor Wembanyama has lived up to every ounce of hype as a rookie after becoming the most ballyhooed No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick since LeBron James. Wembanyama has a long way to go, but his entrance to the league could mean the arrival of all-time great. It also means something else for the players going against him: the chance to make your immortal by dunking on the giant wunderkind the whole world is talking about.

Wembanyama got dunked on the first time he put on a San Antonio Spurs uniform, way back in Las Vegas Summer League via Kai Jones. Since the games started counting for real, Wembanyama has been absolutely dominant as a rim protector. He’s leading the league in blocks by a big margin despite playing fewer minutes than many of his closest competitors. Golden State Warriors rookie Trayce Jackson-Davis didn’t care about any of that when he attacked the basket in the closing minutes of his team’s win over the Spurs on Monday night.

Jackson-Davis shook Wembanyama on the perimeter, turned the corner, and posterized Wemby with an incredible dunk. Watch the video here:

Jackson-Davis was a late second round draft pick for the Warriors after a brilliant four-year college career with the Indiana Hoosiers. He’s been one of the most pleasant surprises in the rookie class, and looks like a major steal for Golden State. It has to feel great for TJD — a talented young player with very little hype entering the league — to dunk on someone who seems like the league’s new golden child.

Did TJD kind of throw the ball in instead of truly dunking it? Yes. Could this have been an offensive foul? Also yes. But it counted as an and-one dunk in the official play-by-play, so you have to give it to him anyway.

Wembanyama gave a great quote after the game on why it’s okay to get dunked on. Some players wouldn’t even try to contest the shot because they don’t want to risk the viral humiliation of getting dunked on. Wemby doesn’t care, and knows he’ll block the shot more times than not.

Jackson-Davis had an awesome game, finishing with 13 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists. The Warriors beat the Spurs, 112-102. And for now, this is the best dunk on Wembanyama we’ve seen yet.

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