"Trend-forward" stone and wood patterns decorate Formica's 2024 Living Impressions Collection

Promotion: Formica Corporation has launched a collection of versatile surfaces that reference current trends in interior design and were informed by customer research.

The 2024 Living Impressions Collection was created by Formica in response to extensive interviews conducted with North American homeowners and interior designers.

Surfaces by Formica Corporation on counter topSurfaces by Formica Corporation on counter top
Surfaces from the collection mimic the patterns of natural stone

The brand conducted these interviews during the development of the collection to better understand their customers’ design needs and upcoming design trends.

“We want homeowners to take immense pride in their homes and we believe trend-forward, high-design, beautiful surfaces should be accessible to everyone,” senior design manager at Formica Corporation Gerri Chmiel said.

“Striking the right balance between material costs and design aesthetics is crucial and the latest Living Impressions Collection provides durable, low-maintenance surfaces that empower homeowners and designers to achieve their desired look without compromising their budgets.”

Dark surface by Formica Corporation in bathroomDark surface by Formica Corporation in bathroom
The surfaces can be used across horizontal and vertical environments such as backsplashes and countertops

Three trend themes emerged from this research, which form the basis for the new collection.

Modern Minimalism contains surfaces with subtle patterns in warm-toned colourways that were chosen to create soft and understated finishes.

Surfaces in the Casually Biophilic theme bear patterns informed by nature, including wood grains.

Surface by Formica Corporation on deskSurface by Formica Corporation on desk
Formica surfaces can be used as desk tabletops

Finally, the Contemporary Classic theme takes cues from the appearance of natural stone, which is a continually popular material in the construction and decoration of buildings.

Across these three themes, seven large-scale stone patterns – called the 180fx Laminate line – and six laminate patterns were created.

Surface by Formica Corporation covering kitchen islandSurface by Formica Corporation covering kitchen island
The new surfaces come in a selection of colourways and patterns

The collection’s surfaces were designed to be highly durable and can be utilised in a variety of applications.

The products can be used to line cabinet fronts, countertops and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. They are also suitable for use as tabletops and can be utilised across other furniture items.

Surface by Formica Corporation covering kitchen worktopSurface by Formica Corporation covering kitchen worktop
The 2024 Living Impressions Collection is divided into three separate themes

Formica Corporation is a surfacing company specialising in the design and manufacturing of its own patented Formica laminate material, which was pioneered in America in 1913.

To learn more about the new surfaces, visit Formica’s website.

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