UK election: What is each party's plan for the future of motoring?

“Rebuilding Britain means modernising our transport infrastructure”, states the Labour manifesto, adding that the network has been “plagued by long-promised projects that are never delivered”. 

It says it will maintain and renew the road network, with a keen eye on potholes – RAC data suggests there are more than one million across the UK. This will be paid for by deferring the Arundel bypass on the A27, which is deemed “poor value for money”.

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Labour says it will update national planning policy to make it easier to build EV battery factories, pledging to pump £1.5 billion into new gigafactories projects “so our automotive industry leads the world”.

Some £500 million will also be spent on green hydrogen manufacturing projects, which could indirectly help the automotive industry, especially schemes looking at the future of HGV powertrains.

It has also promised to pump money into the country’s R&D sector, which includes automotive.

Lower insurance costs

The party will also tackle “soaring” car insurance costs, it says, without expanding on how it would do this.

Previously, the Association of British Insurers blamed swingeing increases on a number of factors including the costs of parts, repairs, replacement cars, and a rise in personal injury claims.

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