Volant wall light by Ross Gardam

Dezeen Showroom: Australian brand Ross Gardam has released a slimline wall-mounted light fixture that has a balanced form composed of both brass and glass.

The Volant wall light comes in two formats – one with a single glass tube and one comprised of two tubes mounted side-by-side.

Volant Wall Light by Ross Gardam
Volant Wall Lights come in a selection of glass finishes and brass surface options

Both iterations are attached to the wall via a brass chassis that extends beyond either end of the tubes, preventing the metal structure from being obscured.

Users can choose between fluted or frosted glass shades, which both cast a warm glow when in use.

Volant Wall Light by Ross Gardam
Their understated design allows them to blend into many styles of interiors

“This delicate light creates an equilibrium between the different materials and offers a beautifully soft level of luminosity,” said Ross Gardam. “Volant’s architectural nature allows the fixture to span across a plethora of interior spaces.”

Each piece is assembled in the brand’s Melbourne studio and both the metal and glass elements are made in Australia.

Product details:

Product: Volant wall light
Brand: Ross Gardam
Contact: [email protected]

Material: brass, glass
Colours/finishes: brushed, blackened or bronzed brass and fluted, frosted fluted or frosted black glass
Dimensions: 70 x 80 x 500 (single), 160 x 80 x 500 (double)

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