Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX

Inside, the Buzz GTX gets a similar treatment to Volkswagen’s other warmed-up EVs. It gets GTX seats with electronic adjustment and memory function and a sportier GTX steering wheel, both featuring red stitching. 

In the UK, the Buzz GTX can be selected with a five- or six-seat layout. Cars with five seats follow a traditional 2/3 configuration, while the six-seater has a 2/2/2 layout. 

With five seats, the Buzz GTX features an 1121-litre boot, which increases to 2123 litres with the rear seats folded. Six-seat models lose some cargo space, although the rear two seats can be removed completely to increase space.

The GTX gets Volkswagen’s most recent 5.2 software, which pairs with a new 12.9in touchscreen (up from 12.0in) infotainment system. The system is much snappier than before, showing that Volkswagen’s efforts to improve its systems are well and truly under way. 

While the haptic touchpad-focused interior is still frustrating to use, it has been improved slightly with the addition of backlit climate-control sliders, which is a well-overdue feature that will please some drivers. 

The voice control system, called Ida, has also been improved with the integration of ChatGPT artificial intelligence, but our use of it was short and predictably ineffective. 

Overall, the Buzz GTX’s interior is a pleasant, supremely relaxing place to sit. The seats in all three rows offer plentiful space for most passengers, with room to spare for bags, shopping or suitcases. 

That said, many of the interior materials are disappointing to the touch – a complaint we also make about the standard Buzz. 

There are many scratchy plastics on the doors and dashboard and the metal-look trim running across the dashboard feels a bit cheap. With the price increase we’re expecting over the standard model, we would have liked to see some more premium, soft-touch materials. 

Our test car featured some uncomfortable US-specification seats in the third row, which will be swapped out for slightly more cushioned seats when it goes on sale in Europe and the UK. 

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