Why You Should Renovate Your All-White Kitchen

Interior design trends and the increase in renovating solely for resale value has seen a decline in unique kitchens.

Instead, when walking through most Australian houses for sale, you’ll often be greeted by a generic all-white kitchen with glossy benchtops and tiled floors.

That was the case for Adelaide couples Justine and Bryan, and Brent and Vanessa, who both came to Spacecraft Joinery to bring colour and character back into their kitchens.

Brent and Vanessa wanted a more eclectic space reflective of their vibrant family, while Justine and Bryan sought a kitchen that better matched the wider architecture of their mid-century home.

Spacecraft delivered on both briefs, not only bringing personality into the kitchens, but also improving their functionality.

‘Infusing personality into your kitchen allows you to express yourself, making everyday activities more enjoyable,’ says Jessie Stevens, designer at Spacecraft Joinery.

The only structural work involved in Justine and Bryan’s renovation was adding floor-to-ceiling joinery — typical of the mid-century era — to divide the kitchen and living area.

Brent and Vanessa’s required a complete redesign, with walls removed in the kitchen, dining, and living areas to create a spacious and light-filled environment.

The materials used in both renovations reflect the taste of the owners and the wider existing palette of their homes.

Blackwood veneer and timber in Justine and Bryan’s kitchen maintains the consistency of timber species throughout the home and adds warmth to the space.

‘We added a bespoke glass display cabinet that used a clear cathedral glass which was an iconic feature of the mid-century era,’ says Jessie.

‘This provided the separation of kitchen and dining spaces, while also allowing ample light to filter through.’

Laminex Pillarbox melamine on the overhead cabinetry provides a pop of colour, again reminiscent of original mid-century kitchens.

The materials in Brent and Vanessa’s kitchen are similarly retro inspired, balancing blackwood timber veneer cabinetry overhead with bold kiwi green melamine underneath, and orange geometric tiles on the splashback.

‘It meets our quirky retro style, is so functional, and a joy to live in. It’s changed how we spend our time in meaningful ways, bringing the family together,’ say Brent and Vanessa.

The Spacecraft Joinery team hope to see more homeowners choosing daring colour and pattern schemes for their kitchens, with these projects serving as inspiration.

Jessie says, ‘Be confident and have fun with it. Your kitchen should be a place that inspires and delights you every day.’

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