Xiaomi primed to start deliveries of SU7 electric sports saloon

The sleek lines contribute to a claimed drag co-efficient of just 0.195. This makes it one of the most aerodynamically efficient production cars yet, beating the 0.199 claimed by Geely for the new Galaxy E5 and roughly matching GAC’s Hyper GT.

2024 xiaomi su7 official reveal 7

As well as being highly aerodynamic, Xiaomi also claims the SU7 boasts high levels of structural integrity. The rear body structure is cast in a 9100-tonne die-casting machine.

Power for the SU7 comes from Xiaomi’s in-house developed electric motors, named after combustion engine arrangements: the V6, V6s and V8s.

The base V6 develops 295bhp and 295lb ft of torque. It is planned to be used exclusively with a 400-volt electric architecture in price-leading variants of the SU7. The mid-range V6s gains an additional 74bhp and 74lb ft and is compatible with an 800-volt electric architecture.

Both the V6 and V6s operate at up to 21,000rpm, according to Xiaomi.

The dual-motor SU7 model uses a combination of the V6 and V6s motors for an overall output of 664bhp and a claimed 0-62mph time of 2.78sec. It is also equipped with an 875-volt charging system for ultra-rapid top-ups. 

Due out in 2025, the V8s or so-called ‘HyperEngine’ is claimed to produce up to 670bhp and 468lb ft at a maximum efficiency of 98.11% and a power density of 10.14kW/kg operating on an 800-volt architecture. It can operate at speeds of up to 27,200rpm, according to Lei.

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